As announced by the European Commission, a ban on 3 nenicotinoids (NNI) – clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiametoxam was submitted today to Member States' experts at at SCoFCAH (Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health / Pesticide residues). This vote is the Commission's response to the publication by EFSA (on 16th Jan.) of a report which identified "high acute risks" for bees as regards exposure to dust in several crops such as maize, cereals and sunflower, to residue in pollen and nectar in crops like oilseed rape and sunflower and to guttation in maize.


What the Commission submitted to Member States was as follows :


1) amend the conditions of approval of the 3 NNI in order to restrict the use only to crops non attractive to bees and to winter cereals (as dust exposure during autumn is not considered a major issue).


2) prohibit the sale and use of "seeds treated" with plant protection products containing these active substances (provision not to apply to treated seeds of plants non attractive to bees and to treated seeds of winter cereals).


3) both measures referred to in points 1) and 2) to be implemented at the latest by 1 July 2013 (thus not affecting the forthcoming sowing season for maize).


4) prohibit the sale and use to "amateurs". Only professional uses to remain allowed.


5) To review of both measures by the Commission after 2 years.


Commission to review the conditions of approval of the 3neonicotinoids (clothianidin, thiametoxam and imidacloprid) – as soon as new information is available - to take into account relevant scientific and technical developments.


6) Exceptions to be limited to the possibility to treat bee-attractive crops in greenhouses at any time and in open field only after flowering.


Result of the vote:


The Commission put the text to the vote and no qualified majority was reached either in favour or against of the text (the Commission will not detail individual Member State's vote).


The Commision takes note of the member states response to its proposal but remains committed to ambitions and proportionate legislative measures.


The services of European Commissioner Tonio Borg will now consider the next steps.



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