The Commission is publishing today a study analyzing the added value of the EU name protection scheme for food and agricultural products. 60% of European GI products were sold in the country where they were produced, while 20% were sold in other EU countries and a further 20% were exported outside of the EU. Extra-EU exports represented some € 11.5 billion, mainly destined to the US (30%), Switzerland and Singapore (7% each), Canada, China, Japan and Hong-Kong (6% each).

Dacian Cioloş, Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, welcomed the findings : "Our GIs are worth €54.3 billion worldwide, and they represents 15 % of our total food and drinks exports. This shows their importance for the EU economy and the relevance of our efforts to promote and defend this scheme. GIs are key to generating local added-value - and jobs. They make farming in rural areas viable and the new Quality Regulation, which recently entered into force, will further reinforce this."

Over the period 2005-2010 period, wines accounted for 56% of all sales of food and agricultural products with a protected name produced in the European Union ("geographic indications" or "GIs") (€30.4 billion), agricultural products and foodstuffs for 29% (€15.8 billion), spirit drinks for 15% (€8.1 billion) and aromatised wines for 0.1% (€31.3 million). The study also analyzes the value premium of products bearing a GI, i.e. the premium that a GI can expect on the market, compared to similar non-GI products. In average GI products were estimated to be sold 2.23 times as high as compared to non-GI products.



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