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Fisheries, EU organizations write to their ministers against “dastardly” EU commission decision. The document


It's a clash between the European Parliament and the EU Commission over the Fisheries Action Plan, which calls for the total elimination of bottom trawling and all mobile catching devices operating on the seabed between now and 2030.

"The European fishing sector, which has been committed for years to progressing towards sustainability through adaptation to EU Regulations, due to its productive, social and economic importance, rejects the concept of phasing out of one of its main industries, essential for the supply of local healthy foods on our markets and for the maintenance of the rest of the existing fisheries since trawling, as the EC knows very well, is the backbone of this activity", is written in the document drafted and signed by European fishing organizations against the plan presented by the EU commission.

"The undersigned fisheries Organizations call on their respective Ministers and MEPs, to strongly oppose to this wicked initiative of the Commissioner Sinkevicius, as it would cause a productive, social and economic disaster in Europe by banning the European bottom trawling".

Below is the document:


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