foto_cavalli_333"These are the last days of horseracing Italian, an area rich historical heritage of traditional national sport and the world." So Passamonti Massimo, president of Confindustria, Italy System Game during a press conference organized in Italy Gaming System and Ferippodromi to take stock of the situation on "the horse in agony." At the risk fifty thousand workers - including the induced - and the fate of all the racecourses Italians and thousands of horses. A dramatic situation explained by the associations, a "inexplicable" behavior of institutions, "in particular the Minister of Agriculture, Mario Catania" that for 12 months, says Thomas Grassi, president and director of Hippogroup Federippodromi, "is addressing this dramatic situation in a totally wrong. " In recent years, the resources available to the sector fell by 50 percent from about 400 million in 2006 - solely from the proceeds of betting horse that made the self-field to the 240 million expected for 2012. Include - the latter - a former public funding dl. 185 reduced to 40 million compared to 150 provided by law. Added to this is the fact that have not yet been disbursed 35 million fund approved by Law No 44 of 26 April 2012. "It was clear from the outset that the sector without substantial reform, it was not possible to give continuity to the sector," says Grassi. "And the proposals made so far by the Minister Catania was insufficient and unworkable. And without a concrete design ".

The functions of joining, transformed in 2011 into Axes are transferred in August to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Agency for Customs and Monopoly. But for now "has not been paid a specific assumption of management responsibility in the industry. Federippodromi Game System and Italy calling for a temporary increase of the resources provided through decreasing public funding to ensure the survival of the horse sector in the short term. So as to entrust the management of the fund for entrepreneurs to revive the horse to bet on horse racing and return to complete self-sufficiency. "This attitude, that of the Minister, inconceivable," he insists Grassi. Catania also - from what he learns IL VELINO - has a past working in the world of horseracing as stewart Capannelle before winning the contest at the Mipaaf.

"The potential to revitalize the sector faces," explains Passamonti. "We have good facilities and farms notch. Confindustria as we have decided to support this project because we believe it is a concrete sign of the willingness of entrepreneurs to turn the page. And we expect the institutions an act of faith. " In the middle, in the storm of horseracing, it also ends the Monopoly: "The AAMS - says Grassi - not considering quite profitable horse racing has preferred to promote gambling. But it is not his fault: he only performed orders over ordering them to maximize tax revenues. " The associations ask for this privatization of the sector: "The idea, included in the 5291 bill currently awaiting approval by the Senate, will revive the Product Riding through the adaptation of racetracks Italian to European standards in terms quality competition and hospitality to the public, "says Enrico Tuci, represented the farmers belonging to Confindustria. "But also - precisely - a redevelopment of the sports system with a greater selection of the protagonists, a review of the sporting justice and the relaunch of the product running." A reform "required", requested by the operators of horseracing, which provides for a reduction in the state treasury and an increase in the share of winnings paid to punters. "Only in this way will result in an increase in play, irreversible decline in 2006, mainly because of discrimination put in place by AAMS," they conclude associations.


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