maiali-letame-energia_184682In 2013 the pig breeding faces uncertainty of animal welfare, unknown race of cereals and consumption crisis. These three variables have already influenced the 2012. In particular, the prices of corn and soybeans, which have had a material impact on production costs, have decreased the earnings. Now fat pigs for slaughter cost something like 1.80 euros per kilo. It has never cost so much. The European Union is thinking about the reintroduction of animal meal for pigs and poultry, but the process is quite complex. In few days the laws on animal welfare should be applied also on scrows. For farmers it means they have to pay 800 euro per sow place and up to € 350,000 per company. Italy does not have all the necessary requirements and is unlikely to conclude the restructuring process quickly, since the difficulty of access to credit. In Europe the new legislation will have two short-term consequences: pigs are going to decrease between 5 and 10% and there will a positive rebound in prices. However, it doesn’t  mean more profitability. The reform of the CAP (that could be postponed for one year) will be extended to pig farmers, until now excluded. There will be not a lot of money but clear instructions. Like for the OP, an instrument to respond to market needs and consumers demands. In the Po Valley, the heart of Italian pig industry, was approved the merger plan for Opas and Assocom, intended to join in January 2014 and join in a dowry of 800 thousand heads and more than 200 million euro turnover.

Matteo Bernardelli


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