vivinvoVinitaly is ready for its 47th edition (Sunday 7-Wednesday 10 April 2013). The main mission of the most important wine and spirits exhibition in Italy is to do better in markets such as Russia, India, China, North Europe and the U.S. and launch a platform for promoting and selling online. During the 4 days, special attention will be paid to the Chinese market. "The Fairs' role too often is not considered. This is an extraordinary occasion for Italian and international operators, business opportunities for exhibiting companies", said the president of VeronaFiere Ettore Riello during the meeting with the press in Rome. "Vinitaly is an important offshoot for us and for a dynamic sector such as wine", which represents 40 per cent of Italian exports compared to 18 per cent of the European average. "It 's an industry that is worth ten billion euro, of which half abroad. 384mila companies are involved and they need attention to get to the markets" China will be a protagonist this year. The Veronafiere's general director Giovanni Mantovani explained that this country "represents a major challenge for the global market with the third highest consumption of red wine. And we're not picking up all the opportunities", he added.

They also talked about trends in major markets: consumption grows in China, the United States and Russia, and decreases in France and Italy and slows down in Germany and Britain because of the economic crisis. In 2012, the Italian wine exports fell by 9 per cent in volume, but showed a significant increase in value to +7 per cent, reaching 4.7 billion euro. According to Mantovani "a very positive trend because it rewards the quality." The United States remain the leading market: between 2006 and 2016 was estimated a growth to +13 percent. The U.S. is the first import, the fourth largest producer and sixth largest exporter of wine in the world. The recipe for Vinitaly 2013 "The World we love" can be summarized in four points: internet, new technology, italian identity and trade be 2 be. The numbers are in line with those of the previous edition: 4200 exhibitors, 128 International, 94.862 Sq.M. of net area used and 2.496 journalists, 275 international. This year will make its debut "Vinitaly Wine Club" that will give new glow to the fair with a new digital format that will be operational from April 7 in the domestic market and at the end of the year in European and global markets, especially China, where it is estimated a pool of over 190 million potential customers on the web. During Vinitaly there will be a conference on 50 years of the denomination of origin (DOC). VeronaFiere Brand manager Gianni Bruno underlined that they has become synonymous with quality 'of wine but too many names can scare consumers abroad, particularly American and Chinese. In conjunction with Vinitaly will be held Sol and Agrifood, Enolitech and preview Pastatrend, confirming the ability' of the event to network with other excellence of Made in Italy food.



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