vinorAt the opening press conference of the first stage of Vinitaly International USA 2013, John Gillespie, president of the Wine Market Council, presented the results of the Annual Survey of Imported Wine Consumption Trends in the USA, made by the institute Wine Opinions, on American trend of wine consumption. The United States is a key market for a company's success. A market that continues to grow and has great potential. "Vinitaly International - said Giovanni Mantovani, General director of VeronaFiere - is aware of the development opportunities offered by the United States, thanks to its ability to create a network of strong relationships institutional and commercial, is for Italian companies a commercial platform particularly effective for promote and export their products. "Research data show that wine consumption in the United States since 1993 has continued to grow each year and the forecast for the end of 2012 amounted to a 2.9% 2011. Italy is the first country exporter of wine in the U.S., with a market share in the first nine months of 2012 increased by 7.2% over the previous year. The United States's market is expected growth consumption of 2.4% per year until 2016. Consider also that the United States is the country which has the largest number of consumers of wine, followed by Germany, France, UK and Italy. In fact, there are 100 million adults who drink wine at least once every two months. 93% of these belong to the category of "core drinkers". those who drink wine at least once a week. The "Millennials", young people between 16 and 33 years, are pulling this market, consumption habits and express less casual and more "core drinkers." For quantities of imported wine sold in the U.S. during the quarter October-December 2012, Italy dominates the list, ahead of France and Australia: Millennials (16-33 years old), Generation X (34-45), Baby Boomers (46 -66) and Over 67. Research shows that the most popular Italian wines are red: in the second half of 2012 Italy is in fact in first place with 62% of total sales, with an 8% on France and + 1 % compared to Spain. Italy is second in the ranking of white wines and rosé with 35% of the amount of bottles sold, behind France (46%). The passion for Italian red wines is also expressed for the more expensive ones, between 20 and 50 dollars, which most Americans reserve for special occasions., 62% of respondents called them "excellent", as falls to 57% for French wines and 51% for the Spanish. ranking of the red "cheap", which cost less than 20 dollars a bottle, Spain and Italy are at the top of the preferences of Americans, followed by France.



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