Agricolae International30/01/2023 19:24

Wine, Lollobrigida: Team game with France, Spain, Portugal and Greece. Etiquette tell positive aspects


"What we are asking for is a label that does not specify that "wine damages health", but specifies damage caused by possible harm from overconsumption, illustrating positive aspects", explains Italian Agricolture Minister Francesco Lollobrigida on the sidelines of the meeting Agrifish, where he met his Irish counterpart, to whom he then offered a bottle of wine.

“We are talking about the difference between a wording that in an imperative way gives the idea of a negative product and a label that, instead, informs the person in a more suitable way. It is the person who has the ability to discern: we recognize the subjectivity of the choices and the person, therefore, must be put in a position to have complete, not partial information. And writing on the label that “wine is harmful to health” is partial information”.

“We underline how necessary it is to condemn excesses, that is to explain at all levels that drinking little, in moderation, does no harm. We say it can also bring well-being. Even the abuse of water can cause problems for humans and even lead to death, in exasperated quantities. Obviously it is a paradox but this fact does not put us in a position to write warnings on bottles of water but to study and know that the excess of any substance can cause damage.

I also spoke about the document (on wine, written with France and Spain Ed.) with the Greek colleague and the Portuguese colleague to reach a joint position aimed at correcting information, but not damaging the production by looking only at one aspect of the production itself.

"There will be a meeting with Minister Schillaci on Tuesday. We have a highly authoritative Minister of Health in Italy, Professor Schillaci, who can help me explain to his Irish colleague why we defend wine. In communication, the subject is often reduced to the defense of a market. I believe that Europe must make a qualitative leap: Europe is not just a market, it is and must increasingly be the ability to respect cultures, traditions often linked to food and wine."