Agricolae International16/01/2023 12:18

EU, Lollobrigida: Ireland wine labeling dangerous. Italian government against criminalization of products


"After the Europarliament voted against wine labeling, the Brussels Commission has allowed Ireland to adopt a label on spirits that says "Seriously Harms Health." This is a dangerous drift that we want to stop because it does not distinguish between consumption and abuse, undermines the concept of common European labeling and ultimately serves the interests of Dublin, which produces very little wine. The same goes for the "traffic light" nutritional label, Nutriscore, which penalizes the Mediterranean diet and therefore Made in Italy products. In this case we succeeded in getting the proposed regulation postponed to 2024. We will oppose these decisions at all levels, ensuring a decisive reaction, as they damage our productive fabric and our cultural model".

Thus the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, Francesco Lollobrigida, in an interview with the Echo of Bergamo.

"We fear a backlash toward Italian products that have their added value in quality, while large multinationals focus on product standardization, easier distribution and lower production costs. Then there is an additional element to our advantage: the quality product often guarantees numerous producers, while the multinationals' method allows a few to gain everything. For now we have managed to stop this controversial project".

"If Europe intends to criminalize Italian products, starting with wine, or impose patrimonials disguised as environmental protection interventions, it will find a government, an Italian one, working in the diametrically opposite sign. Defending the home of Italians and the quality products of our nation is a duty and a commitment for us." said Francesco Lollobrigida, Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry, during the event 'Agrifood excellence of the Castelli Romani and Agro Pontino' in Velletri, in the province of Rome.