dieta-Made-in-Italy"It's not 'the time to talk about alliances but to field content" tweets the Minister of Agriculture, Mario Catania. A little over a month before the elections everyone present their programs. There is talk of public funds, taxes, IMU and politics. But not of agriculture, a strategic sector to boost the real economy of the country. And the only one who opens the doors of Italy exports. Faced with the collapse in domestic demand, exports continue to provide an essential input for agriculture. With the crisis, almost half of the families helped ease the shopping cart, for example by reducing the amount of purchased fruit and vegetables (41.4 percent), and meat and fish (38.5 percent). Fortunately, however - explains CIA, the Italian Farmers Confederation, commenting on the foreign trade data released today by ISTAT - the "made in Italy" flies to the agricultural markets. In November, there is an increase in cross-border sales of 6.5 per cent, which almost double the average growth rate of exports ( 3.6 percent year).
Despite the difficulties of the sector - affected by an absolute lack of political "ad hoc" and incredible increases in production costs and taxes -emphasizes the CIA - agriculture proves very vital and economically strategic for the country. Only the export of fruit and vegetables worth € 4 billion a year, but there is still a huge room for growth in foreign markets, especially as the global demand, supported by its BRIC countries, has grown from 70 to 170 billions of dollars in a few years. It 'clear, however, - CIA adds - that we must strengthen the capacity of agricultural enterprises to export and invest abroad, with instruments to simplify and rationalize resources, working on the fragmentation of the productions and the lack of innovation. By promoting agricultural products on international showcases as is already done for pasta, wine and Parmesan cheese. With an overall share of 25 billion euro in 2012 (+8% on 2011) and the ICE prevision of 32.1 billion euro in 2015, the food - instead detects Federalimentare - records a historic growth, becoming the primary voice of the made in Italy. Different situation in Usa. The Agricultural secretary Tom Vilsack says: “President Obama and I share a deep appreciation for rural America and its unlimited potential in the years ahead to feed a growing world population, revolutionize America’s energy, further protect our natural resources and create more jobs here at home. We will continue to urge Congress to pass a Food, Farm and Jobs Bill that will help us continue USDA’s wide range of efforts to support this work”.



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